Empathy or

What should decide
between life and death?

Cover for the novel The Humane Algorithm.
Chapter page of The Humane Algorithm.

In a near future, the world is struggling with resource scarcity. Losing his father, Matt Turner has provided for his mother and younger brother since he was a teenager. But a cold-hearted government continues to force consumption limits upon the nation, monitoring every bit of electricity used.

As his mother becomes gravely ill, Matt is determined not to let her grim prognosis ruin the family’s one shot at the streetlights—the coveted enclaves for citizens worthy of investment. Seeking medical treatment, he plummets into a dark web of family lies, treachery, and political intrigue reaching far into his past—with staggering implications for his own future.

Can Matt find a way through the government’s system in time to save his mother’s life?

The Humane Algorithm is the ominous first book in Trevor Wynyard’s dystopian trilogy The Streetlighters, a powerful series exploring dark, gritty impulses at the root of human nature itself.

What Readers Say


A scary story, with what is been happening in our nation recently.

James Gagnon
Google Play Review

He gives enough detail for you to envision what’s happening without being too sparse or overly descriptive.

Book Picks and Pics

An engaging dystopian book that will force readers to question the reality and society they know -- and even be a bit more thankful!

Amy Johnson
Reedsy Discovery

The characters are a Motley Crew, such differing personalities. They all work so well together.

Dee Hough
Amazon Review

Join Matt as he struggles to save his family—and himself!

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Cover for the novel The Humane Algorithm.


Cover for the novela The Shift.

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