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Hello and Welcome

To be upfront: I write dystopian fiction for an adult audience—no YA to be found here.

I always speculate about the darker sides of humanity, from the egotism of oppressive regimes to the intricacies of everyday peer pressure.

I believe the only way to mitigate an ever-encroaching dystopian future of our own is through an understanding of the underlying, basic emotions and behaviors at play between human beings.

So that's what I explore in my stories.


What readers say


A scary story, with what is been happening in our nation recently.

James Gagnon
Google Play Review

He gives enough detail for you to envision what’s happening without being too sparse or overly descriptive.

Book Picks and Pics

Brilliant. Trevor is a new author to me and so is the genre.

Dee Hough
Amazon Review

...Wynyard demonstrates the ability to ask the hard questions. He really doesn't shy away from any social commentary...

Amy Johnson
Reedsy Discovery

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I dream of utopias chock-full of craft beer, indie rock and pistachio ice cream.

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